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A friend of mine, from Punjab, runs an authorized franchise of apparel store in Amritsar. On my visit to his store, he requested me if I can help him locate any places to buy original/duplicate fashion apparel in my city i.e. Delhi. As his authorized distributor purchase products from Delhi and use to charge heavy amount on the same from him. I found a couple of vendors who sell the products he required, and I started helping my friend by purchasing things from Delhi and he use to pay me through cash transfer in my bank account. Am not a professional buyer/nor a businessman.

It emerges that the person in Punjab has no privity with any of the vendors in Delhi directly since the supply of the goods, receipt of the payment etc. was done in your name/bank account. It is understood from the facts stated that the payment for the goods have been made and there was no issue raised by the person at the first instance before making...

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