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Dear Sir, I am planning to purchase a property in Maharashtra. The sequence of transactions is as given below: The developer sold a property to the 1st buyer in the year 1988. The 1st buyer got deceased in the year 1992. The legal heirs of the deceased person relinquished their rights in favor of their mother i,e the widow of the 1st buyer. The widow of the 1st buyer sold the flat to the 2nd holder in the year 1994. The stamp duty on both these transactions is paid along with the penalty in the year 2017 by the 2nd holder.

It is compulsory to get the Sale deed registered. An unregistered Sales deed has no value in the eyes of law and does not pass any title to the buyer. This means that you will not be considered a true owner of the property and you will not be able to avail any loan over it. Your legal heirs might also face the same problem later on. What you need to d...

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