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Dear sir, I'm the vijay resident of Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, my father has purchased an HMV(12 tire lorry for goods transportation) on hire purchase. After 26 months, because of some financial and family issues, we sold the vehicle to the third party but the financier rejected the transfer of finance and postponed the transfer for 6 months being their policy. After 6 months we came to know that the vehicle was seized by forest department on the course of transportation of unauthorized commodities by the purchaser of the vehicle. We tried our best to bring back the vehicle but the vehicle is still in the custody of the department. Meanwhile, the financier of the vehicle "Indiabulls finance ltd" is pretending us to pay the email. It was seized in the month of June of 2016 and now in nov, 2017 they are forcing us really hard on it. My father is a lorry driver and I'm being a student don't have any source of income. We don't know how to proceed and how to face this situation. Please help me regarding this.

Recently, the Supreme court in the case by one Mr.Vijay Kumar from Haryana has clarified that even though there might be evidence of sale, the liability towards the vehicle lies with the first owner until the name of the owner is changed in RTO. Hence as far as Forest department and India Bulls are concerned your father is the owner of the lorry and y...

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