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Due to some reasons I’m not using my company name. I'll mention XYZ on behalf of my company name. We are based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. We run a business in Chennai for almost 6 years. It’s a IT training services. Me and my friend runs the business. Initially we got advised to go with "Partnership Firm" registration as we are not fully understand /prepared for "Pvt Ltd" registration. So, we registered with "Government of Tamil Nadu Registration Department" - "Form C". And, got acknowledgment on 2013 form district registrar of companies, Chennai South. Everything goes fine until mid-2016. We've planned to expand our services to "Bangalore" and that time my brother [relative] seems very much interested to promote our brand as a franchisee. Later things are not moving into the expected direction between us, he left us by saying "I don't want your company name. I can go alone from here.". We indirectly lost almost INR 2Cr of revenue in that year [mid 2016 - mid 2017]. Nothing was signed as an agreement from starting to end.

Correct, trademark takes time to get registered, as you have applied for it and your trademark is approved by the department then you can use symbol “™” on the right side top, this shows that you have applied for trademark registration and once you will get the registration you can use “®” on the right side corner of ...

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