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Hi, My name is George. My self and my friend opened a partner deed company. And as we want to grow up, we tried two more partners. Those two partners are considered to be partner 3 and partner 4. Partner 2 is my friend. When we had our first talk partner 3 and partner 4 said that they have projects and they want someone to implement it. As we already have a company they joined with us. And they promised to give 25% share as equity in Pvt Ltd. and they took the responsibility for creating Pvt Ltd. As they are having an old Pvt Ltd to claim experience we planned to name change it. The rename happened. Suddenly partner 3 says that he wants to be Managing Director. And he is ready to give me CEO and with the salary too.

I am giving my opinion considering the firm as a Private Limited Company.

For appointment of  CEO -> 1. Hold Board meeting and pass a resolution for the appointment of CEO; 2. File MGT 14 & DIR -12

By raw basic principles, if the Board majority fires a CEO / majority owner, the CEO would then call for a special meeting of s...

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