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I am a Civil Engineer with 18 years experience in the Construction Industry. I wish to start a Private REIT in India. I have gone through the rules for forming a REIT as laid down by SEBI for the same. Out of all the eligibility requirements in the list, I can comply with almost all of them except the following two. 1. Minimum Asset size of 500 Crores & 2. Raising Funds through an IPO. Actually, I have a small group of Investors who trust in me and we mutually agree to do this business within our group. Also, we have no intention as of now to go public. Hence, I would like to know whether 1. Can I start a Private REIT legally in India? Maybe with a different name or under a special type/ category of the company? 2. Is there any way to bypass these 2 requirements? Help would be much appreciated and if there is any possibility, I am ready to engage with an expert lawyer on this forum for professional services in this regards.

REIT is a Trust set up under the Indian Trust Act, 1882, not a company, and it must be registered under the SEBI (Real Estate Investment Trusts), Regulations 2014. The two eligibility requirements that you have mentioned are mandatory in nature and cannot be bypassed. If you want to legally establish an REIT, you must have assets of minimum value Rs. ...

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