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I am a freelancer based out in Bangalore. I was hired as a part-time freelancer by a foreign company. During the hiring process, n online agreement was signed, and an initial payment was made to my account. After a couple of months of project kick off, there were multiple instances of delay in the project due to the dependability on the foreign company. I then asked the foreign company to cancel the agreement. Since then the guy is not picking my phone or replying to mail. The Agreement is not yet canceled, but the foreign company is asking for the transfer of advance in turn. What should I do?

Since the Agreement is still not canceled, the foreign company sit on your throat to get a payback. But, I would suggest you settle upon good terms with this foreign company. If you ignore, you might receive a legal notice from the foreign company, in fact, as a worst case scenario, you might be pulled to the court on a litigation matter. So, try...

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