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I am an Indian student in France (I have spent less than 180 days in India since January 2016). I will continue to be a student in Europe till 2018 September. My objective is to register a fully digital and online functioning company which will have individual students from different countries as clients. The company would earn revenue by performing online consulting for these individual clients At some point of time in the long run, small companies from France can be clients upon which the company may be relocated to France on paper or re-categorized in another category within India. In this case, another second source of revenue will be job offer advertisements for these French companies. 1- The query is to register the company with the founder as the sole owner and controller but with limited liability- does “One Person Company” category, which is a new category, suits the requirements and is feasible? 2- If the answer to the previous question is that it is not possible since I have not lived in India for more than 180 days in the past financial year, then can I register the company under a family member as a One Person Company? 3- Does this kind of registration have any connection with copyright/trademark? Thank you very much in advance and based on your answers I would like to ask a few more questions.
  1. After the coming into effect of the Companies Act, 2013, the form of One Person Company (OPC), is a recognized form of company and is suitable where the intent is to have one person as the owner of the Company. The said One Person Company can have limited liability and at the same time have only member as the owner of the said Company.

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