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I am going start a manufacturing business. The plant and machinery for the enterprise need to be bought from Gujarat. The cost of the plant is around 20 lacs. The primary condition of the maker is that the 50% of the total cost need to be paid in advance by Bank Draft and delivery period is 2 months. I am in doubt on two points 1. If the quality of the plant is compromised on like various spare parts and necessary specification of the machine, 2. How do I ensure guarantee of my advance payment not being cheated with. Please advise.

You can ensure guarantee of the advance payment and quality of various spare parts and necessary specification of the machine by signing the Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) for this you can hire a lawyer who will help you in drafting the agreement and get it stamped appropriately as per the Indian Stamp Act, 1899. To keep yourself in the safer side ...

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