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I have a proprietorship firm for IT Training business and my registered office is located in Newtown Kolkata. Recently I have taken a franchise of NIIT Limited and opened an NIIT Centre at Sonarpur in South 24 Parganas distt of West Bengal for running IT Training business. For this purpose I have lease hired an independent house and converted it into NIIT Training Centre. I applied for trade licence to the local Sonarpur Rajpur Municipal Corporation about a month back. After submitting all the documents asked for by the Municipal Authorities, I was informed that the Trade Licence cannot be issued due to following reasons: (i) The present owner of the property has not done the mutation of the property after its purchase and the Municipal Authorities have no records of the present owner w.r.t ownership of the said property. (ii) The property taxes have been paid but the payment records are in the name of the previous owner only and these rates are those applicable for residential properties. In light of the above facts, I would like to know whether above observations of the Municipal Authorities is correct and under these circumstances what course of action I should follow to obtain the trade licence.

Yes, the observation of Municipal Corporation Department is correct as the name of the owner in records with the authority does not match with the documents provided by you. The current owner has to get the property transferred from the previous owner on his own name after paying the stamp duty to the government as per the circle rate of the property ...

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