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I have purchased some ayurvedic products from a local street-based ayurvedic shop, recently, the ayurvedic supplier has taken the advantage and started to loot me by asking some money in return some ayurvedic products which immediately shown the effect after using it, after some days he again told that he has to take this ayurvedic Jadi booty then prices will be normalised. Since was becoming a case of hypnotic, I told him to give me that product on credit basis, then he made some conditions of payment over plan paper with rupees 1 stamp and he doesn't sign over that paper, in advance he took Rs.10000 from me. After 1 day taking the product I discussed the matter with my relative he advises me about my health problem and we decided to go for Doctor .but when we spoke with that person he has threatened us as he will create the problem by showing that plan paper written conditions. Please advice me.

Here the contract is not valid since stamp duty is not paid. Hence this contract will not be valid. Also, for him to go ahead with the execution of the agreement he will have to approach the court and get the warrant issued against you. This will be a very complex process and he may not be able to go ahead with the threat.

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