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I joined Bank of India in September 2017 as a Probationary officer. I also gave Interview for the same post in SBI just before joining BOI. Later I got a call from SBI too. On getting the call from SBI, I submitted my resignation in BOI on 03/11/2017. As per their policy, a leaving employee should serve a notice period of 3 months. I submitted another letter to them on 20/11/2017 to treat 26/12/2017 as my last working date and release me accordingly. I didn't receive any conversation from them till last date and hence left the organization (BOI) on 26/12/2017. I sent BOI letter stating that I will not be serving them anymore on 26/12/2017 and 27/12/2017. After this, I joined SBI on 29/12/2017. Later I received a reply from BOI on 01/01/2018 which said that they had accepted my resignation by letter it. 03/11/17 and I will be released on 02/02/18 after 3 months notice. I was not in a position to join BOI back as I had started working in SBI.

You are legally an employee of BOI till the bank accepts your resignation and sends a relieving letter. You have theoretically committed a fraud by being in the employment of 2 banks simultaneously. Hence a better option now would be to resign from SBI and withdraw your resignation from BOI and continue to work with BOI.

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