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I was cheated by investment broker/company, how much compensation can I demand from Investment Company? Let me refresh this in detail. I have a purchased a policy through an investment company, after that I have requested for policy cancellation, they took written letter from me for the cancellation, at that time I requested for acknowledgment for cancellation request, but they said acknowledgment is not required for policy cancellation, I met one person there, he told that he is a business manager, I don’t know his name but he working for the investment company, then I left the branch without taking acknowledgement. After two days, I got the call (fake call, later I know this, this call was made by that investment company) and I discussed regarding policy cancellation, and finally, she agreed for cancellation, and I was communicated for my policy will be canceled. After that I did not get any information from the insurance company regarding policy cancelation, then I have given mail to that insurance company, after that I got a call from an insurance company; they said there is no policy cancellation request from me. I really wondered that cancellation request is not updated with their records. Then I visited the branch, they said they did not receive the cancellation request, after that I came know that my policy document and request letter are held by Investment company employee, and he did not submit the documents to the insurance company.

Here you have fairly little or no evidence of cheating at all. You don't have any written communication from any employee of the company regarding your situation. As such getting a compensation from your investment firm. If you have the recording of the call and if you have proof that the call was made by your investment company we can file some case....

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