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My Partnership firm registered with 8 Partner with difference in ratio of Profit and loss. All partners appointed two members for Signature authority to operation of bank accounts and other legalization. After one month, firm purchased a Land/ Property on behalf of Firm with their 8 member of registered deed. After two months new partnership deed were made and added 2 members in firm, the name and style same as. And Share effect only two partner of the First deed. But second deed was not registered, because not satisfactory payment by added new partner, again we decided to return back token money by affected partner. After 1 year the land was sold by us. Sale money was shared by the old 8 partners. My question is:
  1. In this case, the 2nd partnership deed is signed by all the partners then it is valid
  2. The added partners can file suit against partnership firm when thy have valid proof that they are partner of the firm.
  3. They cannot claim any share in profit as the money has been returned to them by the partnership firm.
  4. No, the s...

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