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Respected Sir/Mam, I need your valuable suggestion on Unauthorized Construction. I want to file a petition against this concern. As most of the authority aware of the Unauthorized Construction in the colonies but no one is raising their voice because somewhere they are also corrupt. This is a very serious concern in point of security and emergency. While allowing the plots in the colony, govt leave the space for street min.20 ft to 30ft and now its getting shrink to 5-10 ft. The leveling of the road also has been Degrade by the residents of the colony only for their comfort. You have seen several news where Fire Brigade/ Ambulance not able to reach the destination on time due to lack of space on street. Our Media, Concern authority, Counsellor, MLA & MP didn't raise their voice because most of their votes come from Local Colonies. I'm also resident of one of the Colony but I want to change the tradition of extended the size of house in such colony

You must first approach the appropriate Municipal Corporation and file a complaint with them. They will conduct an investigation, and if it is deemed that the construction is illegal, they will issue an order to demolish the same. You have the option to file an online complaint as well. A legal notice can also be issued to the municipal corporation cl...

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