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Two Companies A and B. Company A is located in India that provides Technology solution, and there is Company B based out in Amsterdam. Company B is willing to enter on a contract basis to outsource all their technology services to Company A. The commission will be 20% of the total pricing, all-inclusive. We have offered to design and build their website. What we need in return is the following assurance: 1. Company A will be the sole partner of Company B for all information technology services. 2. Company B cannot get into a partnership with any other company that has a conflict of interest with Company A. 3. The 20% commission can be revised with mutual consent for projects with less margin, taken up for business/marketing reasons. We would want to create a legal contract for this. Also, let's know how this contract holds a legal validity as it is between two companies in two countries!

For a contract to be valid, Contract drafting has to abide by the regulations provided under Contracts, Act. There are clauses like: Arbitration clause, Non-Compete clause etc., which has to be included. You have to have a full proof agreement to make it enforceable.

Execute the agreement in India so that Indian court will have jurisdicti...

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