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Two years ago One of my friends offered me a proposal for hiring franchise of a well-reputed Pathology lab i.e Dr. Lal Path labs ltd. We both invested equal amount and got the franchise. At that time the sales executive of Dr. Lal path labs told me that it is not possible to register the collection center on the name of two persons according to company rules. So, the center got registered on my friend's Name and we made our personal agreement in between us to secure both sides. Now I came to know from another authorized person of the company that it is possible to mention more than one ..even more than two persons in the official agreement. Means the information given by sales executive of our area was totally incorrect or in other words, i can say it was a well-planned fraud with me. Now my questions are 1. Can I take any legal action according to law against my business partner? 2. Can I take any legal action against that authorized sales executive of the company? Because he told me the lie. He gave me wrong information about company policy in spite of this he is the authorized person.

Case against Business Partner:  The case against your business partner will only hold if you can prove that he intentionally collided with the sales executive and committed the fraud. If he had no knowledge of the fact, same as you, and he entered into the contract in good faith, he is completely innocent and cannot be held liable.

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