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we are 2 Partners 1st Part is me and 2nd Part is Umesh who is doing unlawful business, our Partnership is at will and Partnership deed is unregistered, as id said above about the matter 1) My Partner Umesh is associated with same business outside Our Firm he is diverting the orders which our firm used to get, he has created an Email id (which is officially not our firms email id, and I don't know the password to access it) in which he sends all the Quotations and receives the PO but he is not giving me any PO instead he keeps everything with himself and carry every day to his residence, and he also forwards the Enquiry to his mail id deletes it from our official mail id.

Now you do not need to worry about the VAT registration of firm on same name and place after dissolution as new tax regime has come into force i.e. Goods and service tax (GST). Dissolve your partnership firm as you have a partnership at will, either create a sole proprietor or a registered partnership firm with other partner or get the GST number on s...

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