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We are a food business operating remotely from Andhra Pradesh. In order to purchase new machinery for the R&D purposes, we had entered into a contract with a vendor located in Karnataka. This vendor initially during the purchase decision-making process, had shared the quote, and we decided to move on and get the machine down to our factory. The vendor before shipping the product had asked us to pay 50% of the quote (INR 17K), which we did. The machine that was delivered was of poor quality that we raised a return and refund request. The vendor, after continuous call and requests decided to make a refund of INR 15K, and he said the remaining amount will be deducted as cancellation charges. Nothing about the cancellation charges were mentioned in the quote. Is there any legal action that I can take to get the entire money back?

With reference to the information you have provided and if you have documents witnessing all the things that you are claiming here, you can send them a Legal notice asking for the refund of the balance amount. Since they have already made a refund of Rs.15,000/- it is confirmation from their end that they have received the amount of Rs.17,50...

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