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We are a website design agency and after designing our client's website, we gave it to a website development company to write the software and make it functional so that people could subscribe to the magazines of our client. At the start, it was decided that two months would be needed to design and develop the website. One month for the designing agency to design the website and one month for the development agency to write the codes/software of the website. But instead of a month's time, the development company took more than 4 months. After paying 90% of the money, the developers haven't yet given us the emailing module yet by which the customers are supposed to get intimation on their registering for a trial offer or taking a paid subscription to a magazine.

You must have entered into a contract with the web-developer for obtaining their services. Issue a legal notice for a specific performance of that contract. Furthermore, you can sue the web developer for breach of contract and recover damages for loss of profit directly emerging from the contractual breach. Such a case will fall under the ambit of civ...

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