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, We are into providing consultation and facilitating high-end medical services in the US. We facilitate a-z in support services during the clients stay in US right from helping him/her to choose the hospital & doctor to a private car with an escort and arranging what would be required for a total stress-free and luxurious stay. As we are based in UAE and plan to launch our services in India we need some clarifications for us to take the correct path. We need the clients to make a part payment on signing the contract in India to our UAE a/c (we don't intend to take any payments in India) and balance on reaching US in the US. We have a refund policy in case client does not travel and also for client to feel secure about his money and our ingenuity

Since the invoices are raised in UAE and US address and the company is also registered there you are a foreign company and Indian Customers are taking your services. Hence you need not do any compliance as it is considered that your customers are importing the services of your company into Indian territory. However, since you want to have a calling of...

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