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We are school uniform suppliers supplying uniforms to different schools across India through the store provided by schools within school premises. We maintain stocks as per school requirement and specifications. The stocks we provide have school monograms, school name and are made specifically for the school and cannot be utilized elsewhere. In some school in Kanpur, they terminated our services suddenly without giving any notice for reasons best known to the school. We never received any complaint from their side regarding quality or supplies. We have to lift stock of around INR 6 Lakhs from the school.

If in the contact there is lock in period to provide the services then you can counter claim the amount of loss, as they have signed the agreement and they have not given any intimation about termination of the agreement.
You have to file case in Kanpur as billing has been done from Kanpur office, hire a lawyer in Kanpur and tell your Kanpur&rs...

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