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We established a company in 2003 where we were 5 shareholder Directors with the following share percentages. 1. Me 35% Chairman 2. Another 35% MD 3. Another 10% Dir (responsible for import & marketing of some Medical re-agents) 4. Another 10%Dir ( responsible for tender business and marketing of orthopedics products) 5. Another 10%.Dir( Has her own business) The Last Director has her own business and have shown disinterest in our Company have declared willingness to withdraw her share in Dec.2013, though official separation has not yet done.

If you want to enter again into the Company then you can request your board of Director to take you again to Directorship otherwise you can transfer your shares. You may give notice to the company of your intention to transfer your shares. The company, in turn, will notify to other members as regards the availability of shares and the price at which s...

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