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We have an agreement with a private hotel operations contractor and a government property - a hotel that we have been running for 21 years. They had made typographical errors in the agreement showing contract till 2018 with payment schedule which we were following and making payments however they are saying the contract is still 2016 and removed us from the property without any notice - matter is pending in High Court. There is a clause in the agreement stating that we are to be given first preference for renewal upon expiry of the lease with an increase in 20% of last made payments. We have also made an investment on the property by way of 10% of civil work and set up of all furniture, air conditioners, etc as the property was new when we took it over via tender.

As the matter is in court so you cannot do anything as of now, you have to wait for the final order of the court. As far as the typographical error, the term written on the contract is considered not the payment schedule. But they should serve you notice at least before the removal. Further, the clause renewal of the contract says that the preference ...

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