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Can we use "the" as prefix for generic name to make it trademarkable?

No, you cannot trademark a generic name by adding any prefix to it. it will be rejected from the trademark authorities.


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What are the rules for picking a name for a Private Limited Company?

Broadly, the name has three components:

  • Unique component: This is the prime name of your company. It should be unique, not already been trademarked, and should not contain phrases and words that are blacklisted by the RBI. Even if a name meets the these criteria, the RoC might reject the name application on grounds of it being similar t...

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Whether any relaxation is provided for Directors of a company who are residing outside India to comply on the minimal residency in India, on account of COVID -19 nationwide lock down?

Yes, relaxation is provided, if anyone Non-Resident Director has not fulfilled

the minimum residency in India for a period of at least 182 days under Section

149(3) which shall not be treated as a non-compliance for the financial year


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What are the rules and regulations followed in the conversion of LLP into a private limited company?

There are few basic rules that needs to be followed while converting the LLP to Private Limited Companies.

  1. The LLP Must have Minimum 7 Partners
  2. Approval of all 7 partners is required.
  3. Advertisement in the news pape...

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