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I am a sole proprietor. I had a LTCG last year which i have invested in house property and i showed it in balance sheet as an investment.where can i show it in ITR-3?

This cannot be answered comprehensively without complete information. The government has allowed this exemption in certain conditions only. The slabs are also different. In case you have sold a plot and purchased a flat, the exemption allowed is different from the case where you have sold a flat and purchased a flat/ plot. Also there are conditions li...

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Can an Idea be Licensed

As per Indian laws and regulations, a business or an individual cannot license the mere idea. To license, the idea has to be converted into a tangible form or as a software. 


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What should I do if a Trademark application is opposed?

In case of any objection, the Registrar will conduct a hearing, and after hearing both the parties it passes a decision on whether to restore the trademark or not. If somebody else applies for registration of the expired trademark, then the proprietor has to file an objection against the third party who has applied for registration of the expired...

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I am developing a product which crawls websites for relevant keywords and accumulates data into the database. Will there be any legal complexities?

There are two aspects which you should keep in mind while web crawling, 

1. Copyright presence check - If a website content is protected by copyright law, anyone duplicating content would be infringement.

2. Use of content only for facts duplication - Duplication of facts is allowed but outright copy paste of content would be a pu...

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