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Can i give some one salary from my saving account as i m not a registred firm

Yes. This is allowed. However, it is better to open a current account in your company's name and then credit your employee's salary from your company's account. You can take any registration like GST, PT etc and open your current account based on this registration certificate.


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Is FSSAI registration needed for Imports and exports of fresh fruits and vegetables? If yes, what should I register myself as

If you are procuring unpacked fruits and vegetables and you would like to export them, you will have to procure IEC registration first. Based on the country to which you are exporting, FSSAI registration requirement will be decided. However, if you are importing fruits and vegetables you can import only if your vendor has proper clearance. If you sell...

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Do all Food products come under the obligations of FSSAI License?
Products that come under FSSAI regulations:
  • Household products: Fabric wash, Synthetic Detergents, Laundry soaps & Powders, Dish/utensil cleaners, Abrasive Cleaners, Floor cleaners, Toilet cleaners, Bleaches, Upholstery Cleaners, Metal polish, Furniture polish...

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I am applying for trademark registration, I would like to know which class DSC is required for trademark applications?
DSC class for Trademark registration:

Any Individual or business entity with Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate can apply online for patent filing or trademark registration. It is very well known that Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate is the highest Digital Signature Certificate in security ...

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