More about GST filing package

What does the GST filing package include?

  • Calculation of GST amount
  • Filing of GST
  • Quarterly GST returns filing

Best suited for:

  • Startups
  • Small businesses
  • Online businesses and entrepreneurs selling on ecommerce portals like Amazon, Flipkart etc.
  • Freelancers and traders

Process Flow

Timeline 4-6 working days
  • Raise a request with us, discussion with Wazzeer team, share basic information
  • Review proposal and hire
  • Share details and documents
  • Calculation of GST amount
  • GST filing
  • Quarterly GST returns filings

Required Documents

  • Details of GST collection from the invoices raised
  • Details of GST expenditure from the expense details

Key Deliverables

  • Calculation of GST amount and its filing
  • Quarterly GST returns filings

Why choose Wazzeer?

  • One platform for all your requirements

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  • Experienced professionals

    Our professionals have at least 5 years of experience and have incorporated thousands of companies among them. The rich experience ensures that the process is smooth and right in the first go.

  • Defined process

    Over the last few years, doing over 500 incorporations, we have defined every step of the process. A virtual process is in place enabling us to deliver hassle free experience for you.

  • Cost Effective

    You pay what you see in the proposal. No surprises or hidden charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have taken GST Registration, then you will have to do GST Returns. Even if you have not done any business transactions in the quarter/ month you will still need to file GST Returns.
Yes, GSTR-3B has to be filed by every registered business irrespective of whether was any transaction in that month or not.
The taxes and returns applicable to a business depends on its nature of business, scale and geography. However, on a broad level, most of the businesses have to comply with the following:
  • GST has a concept of input credit. Whatever GST you pay for the purpose of your business, you can take it as input credit.
  • While filing GST Returns you will have to give the details of all the Invoices you have raised against your clients/ customers and all the Bills you have received against which you have paid GST to your Vendors.
  • The total GST you pay = (Sum of all the GST you have collected) - (Sum of all the GST you have paid for the purpose of your business)
  • In case your input credit is more than your Output GST you can carry forward the credit to the next quarter
  • No. To claim input credit the invoice should be in the name of the company and your GST number should be mentioned in the invoice from the vendor. However, you can claim reimbursement from the company and the company can show the entire invoice amount including whatever GST you have paid as expense in their P&L Statement.
    Invoice wise details is not needed for filing the monthly GSTR-3B returns. However, this will needed for filing the quarterly GSTR-1.
    No. GSTR-3B has to be filed separately for every GSTIN. The returns cannot be clubbed together.
    Penalty for not filing GSTR-3B has been waived for the months of July, August and September 2017. Any late fees paid will be credited back to Electronic Cash Ledger under ‘Tax’ and can be utilized to make GST payments.
    However from October to March, 18% per annum interest is levied on the outstanding GST amount to be paid
    Apart from this, Late Fee for filing GSTR-3B after the due date is as follows:
    • Rs. 50 per day of delay in case there are transactions
    • Rs. 20 per day of delay for taxpayers having Nil tax liability for the month.
    Yes. As a part of payroll processing we will help you in coming up with the best suited salary structure of the employees.

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