More about Resignation of a Director

Process Flow

Timeline 4-6 working days
  • Raise a request with us, discussion with Wazzeer team, share basic information
  • Review proposal and hire
  • Share details and documents
  • Board meeting for approval of resignation
  • Documentation and filing with RoC
  • Approval from RoC

Required Documents

  • DIN of the resigning Director
  • Resignation letter
  • Details of any legal proceeding initiated or pending against him/ her
  • List of other Private Limited Companies/ LLPs in which he/ she is a Director/ Designated Partner along with dates from which he took the role

Key Deliverables

  • Approval from RoC on resignation of the Director
  • Change in master data of MCA

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Director should send a resignation letter to the board of Directors
  • The board will accept the resignation in Board meeting
  • The resigning Director will file DIR - 11 with RoC along with his resignation letter
  • Company will file DIR - 12 with RoC with board resolution accepting the resignation of the Director
A vacancy created by the removal of a director may be filled by the appointment of another director in his place at the meeting at which he is removed, provided special notice of the intended appointment has been given or can be appointed by the company in general meeting or by the Board A director so appointed shall hold office until the date up to which his predecessor would have held office if he had not been removed.If the vacancy is not filled at the general meeting in which director was removed, it may be filled as a casual vacancy in accordance with the provisions of this Act. Important: The director who was removed from office shall not be re-appointed as a director of the Board of Directors.
Yes. There is a provision where you can have only 1 Director in the company when one of the two Directors resigns from the board. However, it is compulsory that within 6 months of such resignation you will have to appoint a second Director.
The MD of the company may resign from the Board. However, such resignation has to be accepted by the board. Without the Board’s approval MD cannot resign from his position
Shares are the personal property of the Shareholder. Even though the Director resigns from his/her position (s)he can continue to hold the company’s share. It is entirely his/ her prerogative if (s)he wants to transfer the shares to any one or keep it.
The resignation letter of the Director should be addressed to the board and should be duly submitted to the board. After this he will have to file a form called DIR-11 intimating MCA that he has resigned from the board of Directors.
The board will then have to accept the resignation and will have to file DIR-12 with MCA confirming the acceptance of resignation letter. Here, in case the board strength falls below 2 in lieu of his resignation the company is bound to appoint one more Director within 6 months of such resignation.
The MD of the company may resign from the Board. However, such resignation has to be accepted by the board. Without the Board’s approval MD cannot resign from his position

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