Frequently Asked Questions

Wazzeer is the ‘go-to-destination’ for all your legal, account and compliance needs. Through our set of handpicked partners (Lawyers, Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries) we offer end-to-end solutions (barring litigation and criminal law matters, as of now) - practically everything a lawyer, CA or CS can offer.
You can find the complete list of services we offer on the following link:
From the list of services, select the one that you need and navigate further. The FAQs and tips in the information sought sections are to help you through this. Please share the information as per best of your knowledge.
In case you are not sure of anything (be it service that you need, information that we are asking for or anything else) while choosing the services, you don’t need to worry. Just select the service and information sought as per your best understanding. If needed, we will change the information provided (with your consent) before starting the work.
You will receive proposals (one or more, depending on your requirements) and have calls with our team. The proposal will outline the scope, the requirements, deliverables and commercials. Once you ‘Hire’ us and make the payment, the process will be started and the professional will start working.
Don’t worry. Our model takes into account that the requirements are customised and you might not be aware of all the details. Once you register on our site, we make sure that we connect with you over phone before going ahead with the work
Please go ahead and select the service and share the information as per your understanding. We will reach out to you over a call and take it from there. If needed, we will change the information provided and service selected by you (with your consent).
The Wazzeer team will get in touch with you and try to better understand your requirements and clarify any doubt that we might have. You will receive proposals (one or more, depending on your requirements) and have calls with our team. The proposal will outline the scope, the requirements, deliverables and commercials. Once you ‘Hire’ us and make the payment, the process will be started and the professional will start working.
As the process is started:
  • You can share the information and documents that we need in the details tab of the Process
  • In the Progress tab of the process you can track how the process is moving and get all the deliverables
  • The Payments and Invoices tab helps you keep a record of your payment status, payment requests and invoices
Communication channels (email thread and Whatsapp group) will be started as soon as the process is kicked off. You will be interacting directly with the Professional with Wazzeer team in the loop. We will do the project management and ensure that your experience is smooth. At any point, if you are not happy with the way things are progressing, you can raise a flag and the Wazzeer team will intervene.
Once the work is completed, you can review and let us know if it is of the quality you expected or not. In case you are not happy with the work quality, you can request for the changes/ rework within 5 working days.
Yes, we do give the option of you making the payment directly to our bank account or through check. Please contact your account manager (Wazzeer team’s lead who is in touch with you) with request for a direct transfer. Our bank details will be shared with you and once you have made the payment, you can share the transaction number or a screen shot. Please note that it might take some time before this payment is reflected in your records since we manually need to do this after tallying with our bank statement.
While we work on an advance payment mode, we do offer an option for milestone based advance payments - which means you have to pay in advance for a particular milestone. This is offered for services where the fees is high (more than Rs 20,000). Please request your Account Manager for this.
Do reach out to us. We will understand your requirements and customize our service to meet them, if possible.
We have worked towards creation of process to set up mechanism and leverage technology to develop quality services independent of location. This has helped our users hire the best professionals from across the country without any constraint.
For the services which are location independent, we can offer our services irrespective of your city.
There are other services which require only a minor level of documentation locally - for example, notarization for a Private Limited Company registration. In case you can get this notarization done locally, with our team supporting you over phone and mails, we can complete the work without any hiccups.
However, there are certain types of work that require an extensive on ground work - for example, Trade License registration. We offer these services only in the cities where we have an on-ground presence.
Right now we have an on-ground presence in the following cities: Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. We are growing and working towards covering other cities. In case you need help in a city apart from the ones listed here, please do reach out to us. We might be able to help you using our network.
We are as good as the quality of professionals we have. Wazzeer Professional Network or WPN is a handpicked network of Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries and professionals working in these segments, across the country.
We have developed a robust method of selecting the professionals or partners, as we call them. We are not looking at getting everyone onboard. Instead, the focus is on quality. We are getting partners whom we have worked with in the past and we know of their quality of work and professionalism. In case we do not know them from before, we are getting them onboard only through strong referrals. In short, we are getting partners we can vouch for in terms of capabilities, quality and professionalism.
Not at all. Our network is not focused on getting high numbers but on getting good professionals and working with them in the long term. These are the ones we work on a daily basis for months and years. They have worked with us on 100s of engagements and we trust them with quality and professionalism.
The idea, in fact, is to save you from the uncertainties (in terms of expertise and professionalism) while selecting the professional.
We ensure that a realistic timeline is promised and manage the work efficiently. However, the nature of legal and accounting work and the dependencies they have is such that there is a chance of work overshooting the expected timeline. While we cannot guarantee that there won’t be any delay, we can assure is that you will be kept in the loop and updated with all the information we have. In case we see any possible delay, you will be intimated at the earliest so that you can plan accordingly.
While working on your requirements, we will need certain information and documents from you. The list of these will be shared with you at the earliest. The sooner you share this with us, the more efficient we will be
We believe that the most important step for ensuring quality of work is getting the right partners (or service providers). We spend considerable time and efforts in making the right choice.
Standard operating practices and use of the latest project management tools ensure a smooth process and regular updates to all the stakeholders. We will have someone from the Wazzeer team as your point of contact (your Account Manager) who will be working closely with you in getting things moving helps in ensuring the quality and experience
Wazzeer acts as a one-stop solution for all your legal and accounting requirements. We understand your needs and bring in the partners best suited (in terms of expertise, experience, area of work, location and cost effectiveness) for the work. You need not go out every time to get the best person for the job or rely on the same professional for all your requirements.
We believe that hiring the professional does not solve the problem. The challenge lies in getting the work done. We ensure that. We work closely with you and the partners (lawyers, CA and CS) to get the work delivered in a professional manner.
In addition to this, our technology platform and communication mechanism make it easier to get the work done and track the progress.
Once we start working with you, we will have someone from our team in touch with you. His or her coordinates (phone number, email id) along with that of the partners working with you will be shared. You can contact them any time as per your requirements.
In case you have not engaged with us and need us to help you urgently on any of your requirements, please go to our website and fill in the details. We will get in touch with you shortly. In case something is really urgent, please mail us at
We ensure that we partner with professionals who take their professional ethics seriously. No matter how you engage with them, their advice will be the best as per their understanding and professional capabilities. What we at Wazzeer ensure is that your experience is seamless and you do not end up wasting your time in follow-ups. We get the work done for you while you focus on growing your business.